Thursday, 26 July 2012

Beyond The Ebon Door Part II

Days passed, and years were swept away with the oppressive tides of time, but my morbid addiction to that door only developed. I would squat for hours in front of it, gazing at it keenly as my eyes pursued ever-changing, inter wining lines carved on it. Together the lines designed shapes so weird and ominous . At times I saw monsters, while recently I beheld delicate outlines of majestic cities upon the ebon door. Every time I noticed a variant element, as if there was a magical force guiding the carved lines. The fact that the lines on the door were always traveling was terrifyingly astounding, and only resulted in increasing my incessant curiosity.

Despite my great passion of the door, I still never had the courage needed to unlatch it, let alone turn the knob. I never dared to do that, not only because of my loyalty to my master, but also because I was anxious and apprehensive. Sadly though, my fear didn't endure for a long time. If it did, that horrible happening might've never occurred, but it all happened when, one night, Professor Green decided to travel to a place unknown to me. As soon as he stepped out of the darkened mansion, I rapidly sped to the ebon door, and started to displace the brass latch. I hesitated in doing that. I stood for what seemed like hours, my trembling hands upon the latch. Suddenly, my conscience pushed me back away from the accursed door. I abruptly drew back my hand and leapt back. I can't betray my master, I thought, for he has given me a responsibility I have to persevere. However, this reasoning failed as my feet trudged uncontrollably towards the door. It was my chance, my only one. Never had I been this close.

Still reluctant, I advanced again towards the door, and with my shivering right hand began to disassemble the latch. NO!! NO!! I shrieked in a throat-ripping tone. Undeliberately, I punched myself on the face. Madness coerced me to rave about as a ferocious battle between my curiosity and my conscience was being fought inside my mind. Enraged by my own craze, I angrily charged towards the ebon door with vigor. It had to end. Hastily, I unlatched the door, turned the knob and kicked the formation inwards.

My kick was frail, and only managed to open the door ajar. I peeked inside as my heart exploded with apprehension, but what I perceived had nothing to do with peculiarity. A glimpse was enough for me to realize that it resembled all the ordinary rooms in the mansion. That disappointed me, and my conscience started taking over again. At that time, I could back away like nothing happened. But then I noticed how far I've gone, and so I decided that there's no return. Finally, after prolonged pondering, I took a deep breath and like a furious bull barged into the bleak room.


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