Friday, 27 July 2012

Beyond The Ebon Door Part III

At closer observation, the room appeared gloomier than before even though it matched the mansion with its components; also glass and granite. Inside the room reigned a suffocatingly-repellent stinking odor. The vile smell slowly smothered my senses, but it wasn't enough to quell my infinite curiosity. When the sinister effect of the odor finally withdrew, my eyes automatically adjusted to the scenery; the room was wholly empty, devoid of anything interesting. My eyes desperately scanned the room for any hints of oddities, but to no avail, and so I felt betrayed.

It was a sour emotion; years of speculation, all lost in vain, like a wisp of dying smoke fades from eyesight. Still though, Professor Green's warning contradicted this; why would he have admonished me threateningly not to step into an empty room? IT DOESN'T MAKE SENSE!!! This angered me to the utmost. Infuriated beyond the limits, I sprinted madly towards the door with a burning desire to forget this futile chapter of my existence.

Yet I never made it to the door. Something weird happening: The incident. The bloody incident. The exact one that Herbert saw coming. As I approached the door, I stumbled wildly and collapsed to the solid ground with a bright thud, and with a scolding tone came back my conscience. It battered me violently with the regret of not heeding my master's advice.

I was downed on the floor, completely unable to command my frail limbs. My senses were intoxicated and my eyesight thoroughly clouded. After a few moments, when I gained the energy required for my recovery, a sensation so queer overtook me; a spine-tingling, agony-inducing sensation, yet strangely, without physical pain. To me, it seemed like the harm was directed at my petty soul, and I was assured of my predictions' validity when, after that, my eyes or shall I say my eyesight beheld the horrible scenery.

I was floating in mid-air, and beneath me lied my stable body, rendered unconscious and immobile by a mystical force. My dismal fright was so immense that I tried to shriek, but no sound came; my attention was directed all the time at my physical body on the floor, for I didn't notice the ethereal, transparent form I now resided in. That hideously frightening realization would've made my heart beat so rapidly, if I had a heart. I couldn't sense the existence of my drifting, immaterial shape. Despite that, the harm which befell me didn't incacipate the mobility of my ethereal form.

Without a moment's thought, I rushed in my floating form towards the poor corpse that once was me, attempting to regain control of it, but to no benefit, and when I was sure of that, I converted my terrified gaze to my surroundings, of which I cognized nothing yet. To my atrocious dismay, the room, like myself, substituted its old, monotonous aspect for a newened, eerily-terrifying one!


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