Saturday, 4 August 2012

Into The Gaping Hole Part I

It is a commonly known fact that gruesome hordes of horrific creatures swarm our frail earth, but it's often overlooked that even more grotesque beings reside underneath it. Throughout the unending ages, man's cowardly aspect denied him the exceptional discovery of the terrestrial depths, yet when it didn't, man always faced nefarious mishaps. Whenever miners sought to delve into the rigid rock for riches and fortunes, disasters and calamities brutally befell them, and the reason always remained mysterious. Only skeptic speculations could be made, and none actually justified the drastic incident in a logical way.

It is unimportant to mention my name or origin, for neither contribute to my tale. What is obligatory for the reader to comprehend is that I used to be a gold miner in the rocky, mountainous ranges of the wretched western lands. Having undergone the punishing torture of a penniless life in my childhood and youth, I decided to tear asunder my poverty; I decided to snatch my own gold from the untrodden abyss underneath the earth's surface. Many a man warned me by saying that mining was a risky way in life, yet no one succeeded in bending my sturdy will; I acknowledged that my adventure was of a perilous nature, but that didn't stop me from embarking on it.

For long, meandering years, my iron pickaxe with its leather-clad haft was my only friend; the blazing rays of the radiant sun scorched my back as I monotonously and repeatedly hit the stiff rock with my tool until it cracked open. Anticipation always washed over me as I peered into the opening I had founded, but it soon faded when all I had discovered was more rock. As more months passed, desperation began to creep secretly into my heart. After a tiresome year of futile mining, I forsake my shabby pickaxe and decided to take my leave, for it seemed that luck wasn't on my side. I recall it all occurred on one cold winter night, when poverty and starvation had nearly killed me. Enraged by my own misery back then, I grabbed my meager possessions and left the miners' camp, where my fifteen-month stay was in vain.

With a sour taste of crushing despair, I trudged aimlessly for long weeks. For long days I wandered, and my food stocks only dwindled, but not only the looming ghost of imminent starvation haunted me; my existence was also battered by the freezing climate and the overbearing amounts of frigid snow. Yet I persisted and battled the severe cold until I finally reached a steeply-sloping rocky landscape, which I loathed, because it reminded me of my wasted mining days. Still, I thoroughly scavenged the land for a suitable resting place.

As I inspected the hill's abrupt crevices, I saw a sight so queer yet so relieving; I had stumbled upon a gaping hole so wide and deep in the ground. Only darkness emanated from its fathomless recesses. After a hasty moment of consideration, I set alight a torch with my last remaining match and apprehensively beheld the gloomy interior of the pit. What I beheld made my heart fraught with ultimate joy, but it also saddened for the years I had wasted in vain before the discovery of this hole, for inside it was a great assortment of gems and jewels, which differed in color, shape and size, but shared a magnificent, bedazzling radiance.


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