Thursday, 23 August 2012

Merging With Sword Onto Them, Piercing Where They Might Part II

After beholding the shocking scenery, I felt the warriors' morale astoundingly decrease. The dreadful aspect of our formidable enemies hindered us from attacking; we simply stood facing them, cautiously scrutinizing their cruel eyes. One of them then released a shriek so ruthless that we all instantly and firmly protected our ears with our hands. Hearing of the creatures' shriek was drastically different from hearing them shriek. The incident made me doubt our chance in the battle; if the creatures could evoke so much agony by shrieking, then a physical confrontation with them would be much more horrendous. There were eight of us to six of them, but against a menace as terrible as the Olorundu warriors, that didn't matter at all.

Absolute silence lingered following the awful shriek for long, unending minutes. We were paralyzed by our own fear, but what ceased the Olorundu warriors from thrashing us remained a mystery; they broodingly stood facing us, eyeing us ferociously. The looming silence was then obliterated by the alarming sound of a hooting owl, which probably was significant for the Olorundu warriors, as they strode towards us. Before fear incapacitated our strong will, we unsheathed our honed swords and stood ready for the upcoming clash with the titans.

I lunged valiantly towards the closest of the Olorundu warriors and swung my sword to his right side. As I had expected, he was very cunning and effortlessly parried my futile blow with his own sword, sending my attacking arm away and making me open for attack. He tried to maim me, but I was also too fast for him, as I hastily crouched and sidestepped. It seemed that my evasion angered him beyond limits, because he uttered a dreadful shriek and assaulted me again. Still, he failed in crushing me, but he came closer this time and I was extremely lucky. Luck had saved me once, I thought, but it won't save me forever.

The fierce encounter continued. Momentum and adrenaline forcefully hazed my senses, and so I wasn't aware of my colleagues. The only thing I was aware of was my fear: the fear that the Olorundu warrior was going to triumph. I had taken several mighty blows and blood trickled and oozed endlessly out of my limbs. I had to change my plan, but I needed some time to think. Quickly and without further consideration, I jabbed at my enemy's chest and set of on a run back to the village. After my senses awoke, I beheld a morbid scenery that discouraged me and made me want to die: I didn't see my colleagues. I only witnessed six Olorundu warriors approaching, leaving seven mutilated cadavers behind them.

All was lost. Actually, we didn't expect to victor, but we hoped to slaughter at least one Olorundu warrior. But what I once deemed a difficult task was now an impossible one. A sour taste of regret overcame me as I anxiously waited for the six warriors to come and ravage me. Regret for my wasted life. Regret for my shameful failure. Seconds went by like meandering hours, and only contributed in increasing my nervousness. I then remembered the children. The children that I was sworn to defend. The children that I failed in protecting. As that thought brushed against my decaying mind, I felt tears flow out of my eyes, and got ready to slit my throat. If I were going to die, I would die by my own sword rather than the loathsome claws of the nasty Olorundu warrior.

But I never killed myself nor did the Olorundu warriors. Something uncanny occurred as I began to stab myself, but I don't remember the events because my vision was clouded by the vortex of contradicting emotions that battered me violently. All I recall was seeing a blinding golden radiance and hearing an angelic, melodic chant. Following this fast action, I beheld the Olorundu warriors' flesh disintegrating. Pleasure washed over my senses, but all my emotions faded away when I saw a celestial bridge unfold in front of me. The bridge was completely made of gold, but it was shabby and featureless. As I studied it, I heard the alluring chant again and saw a brilliantly radiating angel lingering joyfully at the other side of the bridge. I quickly sped towards the angel and joined him. As we ascended into the sky together, I beheld the remaining villagers as they merrily entombed the rotten flesh of the Olorundu warriors. Around them, the children I was sworn to protect danced as gleefully and happily as if the Olorundu warriors had never existed.

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